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Run, run, cling to your life!
Race from the past and escape from the future,
Fly towards the setting sun…
And think only of her.
Let the rain wash away your memories,
Let the wind blow away your despair,
Let nature replace your home…
And remember her last moments.
See only her eyes, as they swim in tears,
See only her hands, dyed in blood.
Recall the day that broke your heart
And shattered your dreams.
And then, when your lungs burn,
When your eyes have no more tears to shed,
When you’ve raced destiny and battled sorrow,
Slow your pace, and calm your heart.
Turn back, to embrace your past and welcome the future,
To release your grief and let go of your pain,
To return to your life, to accept your fate,
And to adopt hope for what is to come.
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 10 9
They pointed and laughed at her,
Because she smiled between each second,
Because she laughed between each page,
Because she danced between each step.
They laughed, and they stared,
Because they didn’t understand
The jokes she heard in the birds’ songs,
She happiness she found in every note.
They didn’t hear the lullaby
That the wind sang with each breeze,
Or the stories the trees told
With every rustling leave.
The relief at having survived
Yet another night, another day.
The joy at being outside
Of the hospital’s gloomy walls.
They didn’t know the fear
And the sorrow she had suffered,
When her parents had prayed for her,
Prayed for what seemed impossible.
How could they understand?
The spoilt eye turns blind towards
The beauty of the daylight,
And the stillness of each night.
And yet she wondered how they could miss
The warmth within each heartbeat,
The joy between each breath,
The bliss of being alive.
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 43 14
Never Ending Cycle
Grey in grey they rush along,
Hopeless, lifeless, old and worn.
And cowering in the corners sit
The poorest of the poorest.
They had no light, no hope, no future,
When suddenly out of the shadows
A lonely voice, soft but stubborn
Begins and new, inspiring song:
Colour fades and flowers die,
They won't re-bloom much as you try.
Forget the old, embrace the new,
And join me in my cheerful tune!

Ignored, unheard the song begins,
But confident it stays,
Singing softly, singing on,
Until another voice joins in.
See the light I will create,
A world of laughter, free of hate!
Join my song and share my desire,
Spread this song as fast as fire!

The movement spreads, the voices grow,
And soon in every shadow dark
The tune is sung and kept alive
And still more voices join the choir.
Old is old and soon forgotten,
This system to the core is rotten!
We want change and want it fast,
Come join us, or this pain will last!

And finally the change begins,
The fire spreads, brings
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 12 4
By Christmas...
It's a miracle that I survive,
Stepping out of my hole towards you
Over the corpses of friend and foe alike.
Are you as sick of this as I am?
Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Round yon virgin mother and child,
Holy infant so tender and mild…

"By Christmas it will all be over"
Or so we believed as we entered this hell.
But tonight's that holy night of December
And the torture has only just begun.
Leise rieselt der Schnee,
Still und starr ruht der See,
Weihnachtlich glänzet der Wald,
Freue dich, 's Christkind kommt bald…

What mattered just this morning
Is of no importance now.
Whether you're English, German or French,
Come join me, pray for better days.
Ah! Quel grand mystère!
Dieu se fait enfant.
Il descend sur terre,
Lui, le tout-puissant…

See the child on that picture?
It's her first Christmas this year.
But daddy won't be home tonight.
Maybe I'll never return…
Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Round yon virgin mother
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 18 10
A smile spreads across my face,
As the sounds vibrate in my head
Dance in my thoughts,
Flow through my mind.
A whole world is painted in my mind
As the words combine with their notes,
Colours racing behind my eyes,
Spinning, jumping, whirling…
How can I end this world inside me,
How can I stop before the final crescendo,
A wave of bliss racing, growing
Before it fades into the distance.
More, more, again, again!
I cannot stop, not now, not ever!
Don't speak to me now,
Leave me alone!
When I feel depressed,
It lightens my day,
And when it stops
I can't help but yearn for more.
What else is an addiction,
But that inextinguishable hunger,
That fixation on this feeling,
That never-fading desire for more?
My object of addiction may not be
Some strange grass I burn in my hands.
But, to me, it does just fine:
This is my obsession.
My music is my drug
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 26 9
As I rise from my grave,
The place you had thought of
As my eternal resting place,
I see you turn pale with shock
Mumbling inextinguishable words.
Excuses flowing out of your mouth
As a river races
To leave behind the mountain
That gifted him with life.
Because you know the question
That rules my mind and heart,
That forces me to return
To the cold, bloody world
That I thought I'd left forever.
Was the fight worth my death?
Mine, and all those others,
Whose corpses still scatter the fields,
Unrecognizable skulls and bones
Soon to be buried without a name.
Of course, you answer,
Not once meeting my eyes.
The fight was important
To reach the aim, that big aim
We all struggled to reach.
Tell me, what aim? I ask
With an ironic, deathly smile
For we both know the truth:
There was no aim but war,
No aim but death and blood
Caused by revenge and hatred,
Feelings of those who never once
Stepped onto the battlefields.
Again your mouth opens,
Moving to your excuses,
Words that I don't want to he
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 22 6
snow rose by Anna-Viktoria snow rose :iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 7 3 rose by Anna-Viktoria rose :iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 2 2 roses by Anna-Viktoria roses :iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 7 3 Dead rose by Anna-Viktoria Dead rose :iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 5 3
I found a treasure on the street,
More precious than anything I ever saw.
He was hiding in the shadows,
Unnoticed by those who never look.
But I saw him, filled with light,
With a heart of gold and calming warmth.
I saw him, hiding in the darkness,
Hoping for some light to reach his eyes.
I knew what he was waiting for,
I knew how he felt, day for day,
Where hope seemed unreachable,
That boy whose life seemed worthless and dark.
I saw the surprise he felt,
When I stopped and reached towards him,
"What are you doing in that corner?
Look around, it's a bright and sunny day!"
Slowly he nodded and stood,
his large eyes finally turned towards the light,
his children's face almost too thin
to hold that rare smile, more precious than a diamond.
But as he stepped towards me
His smile wavered and died,
As doubt invaded his mind,
And happiness seemed just a dream.
"Why would you help me?
I have nothing to give."
I smiled and took his little hand,
Leaving behind the darkness he knew.
"Will you sm
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 40 35
There he sits again, right at the door,
So he won't miss her when she comes.
Watching with those hopeful eyes,
Unmoving, undistracted. Waiting.
A crash disturbed the silence,
The noise echoing through dark streets,
And blood painting the concrete roads,
As the fragile body hit the ground.

His little paws, they stand unmoving,
His lively body sitting still,
Only his nose twitching, once in a while,
Hoping to catch the familiar scent.
The piercing wail of sirens followed,
Announcing the disaster
To the crowd that gathered at the scene,
As helpers lift her in the car.

For weeks he's been coming,
Every afternoon he sits to wait,
Hoping for her to return,
Only to be disappointed.
"Will she make it, doctor? Will she survive?"
He shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders.
"Her wounds are deep, her chances low,
But we will do our best to save her."

And though, for all that time, she hasn't come,
He doesn't seem to mind,
Returning yet another day,
Watching, listening. Waitin
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 22 21
They say that I can't last much longer,
Grinning as I scream in pain
And laughing as I gasp for air.
But they won't reach their goal.
"Daddy, you'll be back, won't you?"
Her words still echo in my head,
A piece of happiness I keep within.
"Of course, my angel. Sooner than you'd think."
Darkness embraces my consciousness,
And every breath becomes a struggle,
But still I hear her worried voice.
"Promise?" she asks. "Promise." I answer.
And as I lie here on the floor,
Beaten, bloody, and alone,
I feel my heart beating in my chest,
Fighting to fulfill my promise.
"But how can you know?" she calls
As I'm halfway out the door.
I smile as I bend down to hug her.
"for you I'll be invincible."

And though my world is made of pain,
And my blood seems caught on fire,
I draw one breath after another,
And know that I'll return alive.
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 47 36
lighthouse by Anna-Viktoria lighthouse :iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 10 3 Stones by Anna-Viktoria Stones :iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 6 2
We thought that it would last forever,
Praising it would never break,
Now all you see are crumbled stones
Where all past strength today seems fake.
Once our dream of glory had come true,
When this place was filled with life,
The streets were full of laughter
And the houses full of golden light.
Now where formerly we lived and loved
Time has faded all our traces,
And the earth reclaimed what once we took,
While humankind forgot our faces.
But look carefully, search with all your heart,
And you might find a trace of past:
A shard of metal, a piece of stone,
The ruin of a home that lasts.
And faded memory will be remembered,
The forgotten tale retold,
As our city's ruins are uncovered,
And our stories you unfold.
And again out works will matter,
As you marvel at our skill,
And through your books we'll live forever,
As years from now we'll be remembered still.
:iconanna-viktoria:Anna-Viktoria 33 23


Elven Lady by jaeon009 Elven Lady :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 108 3 Kuvira by jaeon009 Kuvira :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 557 31 Asami Sato by jaeon009 Asami Sato :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 4,230 172 Avatar and Legend of Korra Folder Icons by Ginokami6 Avatar and Legend of Korra Folder Icons :iconginokami6:Ginokami6 78 8 with tears in her eyes by ninjaorangexD with tears in her eyes :iconninjaorangexd:ninjaorangexD 5 2 Cheesecake fullbody by meago Cheesecake fullbody :iconmeago:meago 9,829 289 gingerbread by meago gingerbread :iconmeago:meago 8,193 227 rooibos by meago rooibos :iconmeago:meago 7,730 352 pu-erh by meago pu-erh :iconmeago:meago 13,013 411 tomato sauce by meago tomato sauce :iconmeago:meago 13,218 524 cocoa fullbody by meago cocoa fullbody :iconmeago:meago 15,391 532 Cocoa by meago Cocoa :iconmeago:meago 13,544 526 Liquorice by meago Liquorice :iconmeago:meago 9,013 426 tea face by meago tea face :iconmeago:meago 8,904 342 Earl grey by meago Earl grey :iconmeago:meago 7,168 259 Mana Tide by AquaSixio Mana Tide :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 16,947 571






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